2021 Athlete Search

(The entry period has now ended. All winners will be announced via our instagram.)

Darc Sport’s annual athlete search is here. We present this athlete search as an opportunity to find the right athlete to join our club.  Every year we search for athletes that match our image and mission. It is our goal to find an athlete that wants to be a part of something bigger than himself / herself. Darc Sport is a bodybuilding club and a family. We are a constant reminder to Never F*ckin Give Up. If you embody our mantra of NFGU, then enter below for a chance to represent the top bodybuilding brand and team in the world.
In order to enter our athlete search, you will need to do the following:

1) Fill out the entry form below
2) Post an entry video on your personal Instagram using the hashtag #WolvesClub2021 and tag @DarcSport. (profile must be public in order for us to watch the video)

The video should be a minimum of 1 minute consisting of the following: Name, Age, and Location.

-What makes you a great addition to Team Darc Sport? Some examples from the past have shown participants explaining their lifestyle. Others have told short stories about going through difficult times in their life but found ways to overcome those obstacles. Each example is informative and helpful for us to make our decision. It is also recommended to use photos within the video to help contribute to your story.The hashtag #WolvesClub2021 is mandatory for each video. This hashtag will be used to find all participating athletes.

EXAMPLE VIDEO #1:  https://youtu.be/3RcIhO6tSq

EXAMPLE VIDEO #2:  https://youtu.be/NW0LWkAvaeU 

ENTRY PERIOD-Entry Period is from August 6th – September 3rd 


-Top 18 will be chosen and announced through email and social media outlets on September 10th.
-Top 9 will be chosen and announced through email and social media outlets on September 17th.
-Top 3 will be chosen and announced through email and social media outlets onSeptember 24th. Top 3 contestants will also receive complimentary flights and hotel rooms to the finals. (Details and itinerary will be provided).
-Winner will be announced on Friday, October 8th 2021, at the Darc Sport booth located inside the Mr. Olympia Expo.

-Winner will receive a 1-year Darc Sport Athlete Agreement that entails the following: 2 Darc Sport Photoshoots (flight and hotel will be provided), monthly Darc Sport clothing care packages and a monthly athlete rate (this rate will be evaluated when the winner is chosen.) 

This year’s Darc Sport Athlete search is going to be bigger than ever. We will be flying out the Top 3 Finalists to the Mr. Olympia Expo in Orlando, Florida. You will be given roughly 9 weeks to mentally prepare, train, and physically showcase yourself at the Darc Sport Booth. Please treat this contest as if it were a bodybuilding competition. The top 3 finalists will battle against one another (pose-down) in front of everyone, including our athletes. Our Darc sport athletes will collectively come together and make a final decision on who they feel best aligns with our values, mantra, and mission. Good Luck!